Launching the New Logo

I knew I wanted a logo for my Scooterarti identity, one I could use across my social media platforms as well as using on future merchandise. I also knew it had to be just right, that I couldn’t just use a design I didn’t love.

I could probably have knocked up a very basic logo myself, but with my ideas about how Scooterarti could grow in the future, I knew I needed to employ a professional designer to get the very best logo I could.

On a friend’s recommendation I went to Design By Pie and gave Emma, who runs the company, a brief on what I was looking for. Although I hadn’t got a picture in my head of what the logo should look like, I did know what design influences I wanted to include. I wanted the mod target symbol included if possible, I also wanted a design that could be used on websites, on social media and ultimately on t-shirts and other merchandise. I wanted the design to use the word ‘Scooterarti’ and liked the idea of a 1970s font.

Emma came back with some initial ideas and I thought one of them was spot on, this was then tweaked until we came up with the finished design as you see it today. Emma was helpful and patient, as I changed my mind about that final design a few times!

The most interesting thing is that I had imagined the design having a swish, or a swirl (or whatever the technical term is) and Emma’s design gave me that with how she underlined the word Scooterarti. I may not have known exactly what I wanted, but as soon as I saw Emma’s design I did.

I am delighted with the finished design logo and look forward to using it on various future projects.





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