Automatics For The People

For years the large-capacity retro-styled scooter market has been dominated by the  Vespa GTS, its engine growing from 200, through 250 and onto 300 – even if that 300 is actually 278cc. The big Vespa has become the scooter of choice for those who appreciate a stylistic nod to the past and has also sold well to rally goers who appreciate it’s reliability, cruising speed, … Continue reading Automatics For The People

TWIST & SHOUT: My first 40 miles on a Vespa PX

I have ridden scooters before, having passed my test on a Honda NH80 Lead and had several rides on Vespa’s GTS model over the years. But I’d never ridden a geared 2-stroke scooter until yesterday. I had bought a Vespa PX150 without knowing if I would actually enjoy riding it. Madness? Some will say yes. A test-ride would have been the sensible thing, but I … Continue reading TWIST & SHOUT: My first 40 miles on a Vespa PX